Saturday, October 26, 2013

September 21- Another park and a concert

 Over thirty per cent of the land area of Paris is parks. Since everyone lives in apartments, these spaces are heavily used. 
Paris is book-ended by two huge parks.  We visited Vincennes on Thursday on the east end of the city, and today went to Bois de Boulogne on the west end of the city. It seems to be at least as big as Vincennes, but has no fort  

The Pavillon Dauphine is next to the entrance to the park.  This is where Al goes to the Paris Rotary Club.

 More trails for hiking, biking, and horse riding.

Paris is rather flat, and has few tall buildings within the city- meaning that it is possible to see Le Tour Eiffel from many places.


In the evening, we attended an organ concert at Notre Dame (aside- it seems that every cathedral here is named "Notre Dame."  Those outside of Paris are referred to by the name of the city where the cathedral is located - e.g.  Reims, Chartes, Rouen, etc.  Only the one in Paris is referred to as "Notre Dame.") 
Notre Dame has a free organ concert every Friday evening.  Organists from around the world are given an opportunity to perform on the Notre Dame organ.  The concert is followed by a film showing the construction and history of the cathedral.

Inside- looking towards the altar.
The Seine River outside Notre Dame.  Classic Paris.
A classic Paris side street.  People sitting outside eating at a local café.
Some restaurants that specialize in fish, to have the prep area outside the restaurant. These guys are preparing the sea food to be cooked inside the restaurant. Vente A Emporter, means that they can sell for take out as well as eating in the restaurant.  Almost all restaurants, including fancy ones, will prepare food for take out.

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