Saturday, October 19, 2013

September 18


This is a picture of Sacre-Coeur, which I pass by on my way to the fabric street.   It was built in 1875-1919, although it looks older.  Parisians were humiliated by German invaders, who had laid siege to Paris in 1870. Parisian Catholics contributed to build the church as an act of contrition.  I haven't seen anything distinctive inside.  I think it is the highest point in Paris where you can see the city without an entrance fee.  The steps are full of people in the evening looking out over the city.  Another example of the key to real estate- location, location, location.
Here is a little Fiat we see parked in front of Ecole Militaire every day. We would like to pack it up and bring it home.

I went to the market, and purchased prunes (plums).  They have many kinds here. I purchased two, and took a photo next to a brioche. 

Unlike in the states, I don't see the national flag in a lot of places.  However, I do see the national slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" engraved on lots of buildings. This one is on a community gym near our home.  During WWII, the Vichy government changed the slogan to "work, family,  fatherland."  It did not last beyond the end of the war.

Some more Eiffel Tower.  Al read that in preparation for the arrival of the Nazis, the French hid the mechanisms to run the elevators to the top, meaning that for the Nazis to hang their flag, they had to climb the stairs.  Hitler did not accompany the flag to the top.  The operators of the elevators maintained throughout the war that they could not locate replacement parts. Within hours of the liberation of Paris, the mechanisms miraculously re-appeared and were back in operation within hours.

This statue in front of Ecole Militaire is directing me to look at ET.
 I took this picture of people standing next to ET to show how tall it is.


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