Saturday, October 19, 2013

September 11- A day of rest.

September 11, 2013

We needed a day to just rest up from the past week, and then on to Reims tomorrow.

I attended the quilt group from the American Church in Paris. A woman who lives about 3 blocks from us hosted.  A third woman who lives in Varsailles also came.   I appliqu├ęd some stems on my pears.  Mostly talking and eating.  I asked the hostess how long one needed to live in Paris before you no longer wake up each morning and say “Wow. I’m living in Paris.  This is wonderful.”  She responded that after 2 ½ years, she still felt like that .  Her husband works for a US company and is paid in the U.S., but they still pay substantial French taxes.
I thought for a bit about our being in New York last year on September 11.  We spent part of the day at Trinity Church, attending a concert in memory of the 9/11/01` victims.  It seemed that most of the city was going about business as usual- which was probably good.

Al went to Rotary.  This was my first bad Rotary experience.  I went to the Champs Elysees Rotary club.  It was a breakfast meeting.  After paying by 35 euro charge, I was pretty much ignored.  Most Rotarians are gracious and try to make a visitor welcome.  At this meeting, I could have been a lump.  I won't go back to this one and recommend any Rotarian reading this to avoid this club.  They don't do visitors well.

Here are a few pictures of our apartment as there is no other pictures of our day.
Bedroom with heavy drapes.  I never know if it is morning, until I open them. Our closet is on the wall opposite the windows.  The doors have floor to ceiling mirrors. I find it distressing to see myself when I awaken- meaning that I leave the closet doors open when I go to bed. 

Living room with more heavy drapes.  The futon is quite comfortable for sleeping.  The table has a glass top.  We purchased a table cloth, and used a sheet for a table pad.  The glass was noisy to set things on, and always had spots on it.

'                                          Another view of the living room. With all of the gray, black, tan furnishings, I always keep a plant and some flowers around. 

Bathroom- which is separate from the toillete.  Our washer-dryer is under the counter.  It is convenient, but very small.  The dryer is very slow- meaning that we often hang our laundry to dry.
Kitchen- a decent size.  Our stove is the two burners above the towel.  The towel on the right  is hanging on the refrigerator door.  The oven is a combination oven-microwave.  It does not work very well in either function. The towel on the left is hanging on the dishwasher.

There appears to be about 500 square feet.

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