Friday, October 11, 2013

September 15- church service, walk home, and explore the Opera House neighborhood

I (sally) went to the early service at the American Church in Paris, and then walked home along Rue Cler.

This building reminded me that Parisians spend lots of money on plants and flowers for their apartments and balconies.  Along with wine, cheese, bread and fruit, flowers and plants are cheap- and available on almost every block. 

 An organ grinder along Rue Cler. No monkey.


Stopped here for a plant for our apartment- we desperately need color- with everything black, gray, and wood.

We took the Metro to the Paris Opera House (the original).   Another “wow” moment for me.  I came up the stairs, turned around, and there it was. The front has statues and busts of famous composers (not all of them French).  Its really name is the Palais Garnier, but it was known commonly as the Paris Opera. The Paris Opera built a new opera house in 1989 near the Bastille.  So they now use this building for dance performances.


View from the metro entrance.

Looking the other way.

Charles Garnier was the architect of the opera house and it is named after him.

As we walked down the street, we came upon the Societe General, headquarters of the central bank, which was open for the Historical Sites weekend.  After taking a picture of the plaque and staircase, I discovered that photos are not permitted. Too bad. The building is circular, about 150 feet diameter. A leaded glass ceiling, mosaic floor. Looked like William Morris, Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany had gotten together and designed the place.

More walking. Came upon Passage Verdeau.  There are a number of covered passages in Paris- from the 1800’s.  The original shopping mall.  Shops and restaurants on both sides.

                                                  Interesting clock in the passage.
                                            One of the stores.
                                             Another store. 
In the evening, we went to see a comedian do a performance called “ How to Become Parisian in One Hour.”  Instructions on how to blend.  Many of them true anywhere. Do not shriek “Oh my God” upon seeing something wonderful (e.g. my reaction to the Paris Opera building). Wear black with gray for a bit of color.  Do not give up your seat on the Metro. Amusing.  Not a “ must do.”


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